You Can't Exercise Your Way Out of Poor Nutrition!                                                 

Unlock your mind and let your taste buds experience the flavor and the goodness of real food.  Pick up your new 3oz Breakfast TubesTM, 3oz Lunch TubesTM, 3oz Dinner TubesTM, Snack TubesTM, Food ShotsTM, Food ShakersTMGrainy Gourmet OilTM,  and Grainy TeasTM.  Our products are 65% organic, gluten free, vegan and raw foods.  You will reap the benefits of grains, beans, vegetables, fruits and exotic super foods in every nourishing bite.  Our meals do not contain GMOs, chemicals, food fillers, antibiotics, preservatives, hormones or refined sugar*.  Our food gives you the same satisfaction as junk foods without the side effects.  Enjoy the smooth natural cleansing energy from the pure foods we offer.  Treat your body with respect and make your one life last! 

     Invest in your health, eat Meal Tubes!

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There are no secrets, magic pills, or special diets to a energetic life.  Follow Mother Nature's prescription (balance).  Everything in moderation.

Very important, remember to exercise!